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Pressure regulators-flowmeters Hospital

The range includes flowmeters, pressure regulators - flowmeters and pressure regulators to be used by hospital and medical personnel.

Selectaflo HP

The flowmeter-pressure regulator is designed to be fitted on high-pressure medical gas cylinders. It reduces the gas pressure and combines a flowmeter to adjust the flowrate delivered to the patient.


The pressure regulator installed on medical gas cylinders to reduce the gas pressure and supply a medical device regardless of the upstream pressure.


Protal is a high-pressure reducer with adjustable pressure reduction for the supply of pneumatic equipment or for supplying medical gas distribution networks.


The calibrated-orifice flowmeter with integrated pressure reduction used to set the flowrate of the gas delivered to the patient from a low-pressure medical outlet.

Nebal II

The humidifier to be used with Selectaflo for the humidifcation of medical gases delivered to the patient.